How to Get More Facebook Traffic

Facebook is one of the hottest marketing strategies out right now. It’s basically what Google PPC was several years ago when it first started, but easier to learn. You’ll want to jump on some paid marketing strategies as soon as you can afford to, & doing Facebook Ads is a great strategy to grow your business…


Facebook Ads are a great way to instantly drive traffic to a capture page, blog, website, etc. Remember…Paid traffic is instant, free traffic takes a while to build up…

First things first…read the Facebook Ads policy before creating your ad (the last thing you want is to have your Facebook or Facebook Fan Page shut down or your ads being flagged for some problem).

Facebook Ads PPC

When to Submit Your Ads

On Facebook there are always different groups of people on at different times of the day. Ads seem to have a higher approval rate if submitted between 10 pm and 1 am, not sure why, but it may just be the personnel that works the late shift at Facebook. It also seems that the approval rate is faster when they are submitted in the evening.


What to have in your Ads

  • A question in the title works best…get people to think, people love questions that hit home (remember, people buy with emotions first, then justify the purchase with logic).
  • Use a product image in the ad (a picture is worth a thousand words), but be careful not to use copyrighted images.
  • If you need to add words to the image or edit your ad, use PowerPoint, and then re-save it as an image file (.jpg or .png).
  • Make sure that your Facebook Ads are relevant to the capture page…that you’ll be sending them to when people click on your ad. This is important to get your ads approved. If your ads are not relevant, it will either by disapproved or stay under review.
  • Always have a call to action at the end of an ad…always! This could be something as simple as Click Here Now!.


How to Bid On the Price of Your Ad

  • One of the best things about Facebook PPC Ads is that you can create a daily spending limit.
  • Setup your budget / day, $5-$10/day to start, or whatever you feel comfortable with. You can also turn off a specific ad or ads at any time with a click of your mouse.
  • Use Pay for Clicks, I would start at ½ of highest suggested bid; most times the actual price will come in lower. It’s important to not bid the suggested bidding price.


Misc Notes

  • Target specific companies, rather than generic MLM stuff.
  • Your target audience should be between 10,000 and 20,000 (you can fine tune this to reach these numbers).
  • Run 2-3 ads per day; change them every few weeks, or when clicks start dropping off.
  • When targeting a specific company, make sure that your ad targets countries where the business actually operates, or just target the U.S. to be safe.
  • Minimum age is 18, no limit on upper age.
  • 5% conversion is good, 10% is great.
  • Click thru ratio (CTR) at .1% or higher is good
  • You can research various network marketing companies at:
  • Create specific campaign names, so you can track your results; e.g. Facebook ad to blog, Facebook ad to Facebook fan page, etc.
  • If your ad takes your prospect to another Facebook page (e.g., a fan page with an opt-in form), you’ll get lots of viral traffic.
  • If you send the prospect to a capture page on your blog, you’ll get lots of hits to your blog which will help it get a higher Alexa ranking and rank higher in the search engines; both strategies are win-win.


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  1. Tony Lee says:

    Facebook is the popular and social networking side of things, when it comes down to it I heard that you can gain a great deal of traffic through facebook ads even though they are a little expensive to keep them going. But with “Your target audience should be between 10,000 and 20,000” being that large you have a good chance you will make some of that money back, and fast! This is whats exciting about PPC advertising, Overall the goal is not to go red when investing in these ads! Ive never personally experiences them but I heard a great deal of success stories from it. I might want to try it! What do you think?

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