Facebook Fan Page Likes 101

Getting more Facebook Fan Page Likes isn’t that difficult if you stick with some simple strategies. Implement these strategies, be consistent and you’ll be on your way to getting more Facebook Fan Page Likes.

First off…it’s okay not to have any likes on your page. You have to start somewhere just like I did. I hear a lot of people say they’re so concerned that no one will think highly of them if no one likes their page yet. To get things going, start by asking your friends to like your fan page, it’s simple and easy.

Facebook is just another tool for networking. The goal of Facebook marketing is to have an inbox full of people asking about how they can work with you, or asking you for help (this is an opportunity to see if they’re happy where they are or if they need more training, like MLSP offers). Always respond when someone actually sends you a message, otherwise you’re throwing away prospects and income.

Connect with people whether through your Fan Page, friends list, or by interacting on their pages. If you appear to be the “least hungry” network marketer and you’ll be way ahead of the pack. Relationships first, then the rest will take care of itself…

Show people you’re human, because people want real stuff now. We want to see the raw human stuff and connect with it (or laugh at it). It’s what makes me real and helps me stand out from the crowd. Use Facebook as a platform to be more of you.

Show people you’re here to stay. If someone is forever jumping around, disappearing for weeks at a time or promoting something different every week, it looks like they don’t know what they’re doing. By being consistent in your actions, you show people you are here to stay, you have a plan that works, and you’re serious about your business.

Learn about People & Personalities. I could teach you a bunch of tricks for building a fancier blog or Fan Page, but that doesn’t really help your business grow. Facebook is just a platform for connecting with people everywhere.

Put your Facebook Fan Page URL in your email signatures and encourage people to check out your Fan Page.

Put your Facebook Fan Page URL in your signatures that you use on any kind of forum sites you’re a part of. If you have something worthy, you’ll find that people are naturally curious and they’ll check you out to see what you’re about.

Put your Facebook Fan Page URL on your business cards and encourage people to check out your Fan Page or put a QR code on the back of your card so they can scan it with a smart phone and find your fan page.

Add your Facebook Fan Page URL to your Twitter profile. Tweet your Fan Page URL to your followers asking them to connect with you on your page.

Make sure you have a Facebook plug-in on your blog, so people can easily click the Like button and become your fan.

Invite friends to your Fan Page.  Click on that and invite your business friends over to your Fan Page.

Find someone else who is just starting out their Facebook Fan Page and ask to do a swap. Tell them that if they suggest your Facebook Fan Page to their friends you’ll do the same for them.

This one is powerful and I encourage you to do this daily or at least 3x per week, if you want more Fan Page Likes. Open your Fan Page, switch to your Fan Page persona and Like other Fan Pages so those other Fan Page statuses will show up in your news feed. The key here is to Like other Fan Pages that are in your niche. Comment on other Fan Pages that have status updates and interact also with the people who have commented. This will raise curiosity and they will usually check out your Fan Page and give you a Like.

If you’re on a live webinar and the host mentions to go to their Fan Page to ask questions?  If so, switch to your Facebook Fan Page persona, go to the host’s Fan Page, start asking questions and interact with the other people on the webinar.

One last tip…Facebook PPC (pay per click) advertising is a great way to get targeted fans to come to you and start generating leads for your business. It’s pretty easy to get set up and to get cheap leads if you start slowly and go in with a “testing” mindset. Personally, I’ve generated leads for as little as 20c using Facebook PPC, as well as using it to build up my fan base. There’s some great free training on this topic that can be found here.

There are more ways for getting Facebook Fan Page Likes, but these should keep you busy for now…so I’ll stop here…


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