How to Write Headlines That Get You Proven Results

One of the most important things you can learn is How to Write Headlines that get You Proven Results because they will increase your click-thru rate…they’re the most important part of any content you create…

 whether it’s a video, email, article, or blog post. You should spend more time creating a great headline than on the content.


Two things motivate people..

Acquire Pleasure or Avoid Pain…

Avoiding Pain is always on top…

Any professional copywriter will tell you that your headline can make or break your success. In fact, a good headline can increase your response by over 10 fold!

You can have the exact same content in an ad and just change the headline to dramatically increase your sales. Marketing experts say headlines pull in over 75% of the orders if done correctly.

The headline should clearly state the biggest benefits your product has to offer, studies have shown that you have about 8 seconds to get your message across, or they’re gone, because people today are just too busy.

headlines that get you proven results

It must communicate what you offer and how you’re going to:

  • Make their lives easier
  • Save them money
  • Save them time
  • Help them in their personal lives
  • Provide additional income
  • Entertain them
  • Make them more attractive
  • Help them feel better
  • No matter what you’re selling, your headline must make it clear to your visitors why they should stick around

Your headline needs to get straight to the point and tell the user what the benefit is to keep reading, because everyone belongs to the W-I-I-F-M club (What’s-In-It-For-Me).

With all the competition for your customers’ time and attention, you don’t have the luxury of tricking them, being too clever for your own good, or boring them for even a second. You must take your marketing and advertising as seriously as saving your life.

What this means is that the only type of headline worth writing is a headline that jumps off the page, seizes your reader by the throat, and forces them to pay attention. How can this be accomplished? By showing your customers exactly what they stand to gain.

Some wise marketing guru once stated something along the lines of, “The heart of any headline is promise, major promise.”

Your headline has to do two things:

  • It must command your reader’s attention & make them want to take action! If it doesn’t, you’re dead in the water
  • Promise your reader something so wonderful — yet believable — that they can’t resist reading the rest of your offer.

If you don’t go with your biggest guns right from the start, the odds are extremely high that your visitor will walk away in search of a site that immediately gives them what they’re looking for. You’ll lose your visitor and any possibility of making the sale.

Remember, when reading your offer, your customer only cares about how your product can:

  • Make their life easier or better
  • Solve a crucial, nagging problem
  • Help them achieve a goal they desire

Use your headline to drive your advertising stake directly through the heart of your customer’s most critical needs. It’s simple and it works like wildfire.

Once you’ve written a few headlines, test them! Then, tweak them and test them again! You may have to do this a few times before you hit on one that pulls consistently, but it’s definitely worth the effort.


One last thing to mention is that it’s also important to choose powerful words that attract people…

Click here to see the 12 most powerful words to attract people and the 26 most dangerous words to avoid!

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2 Replies to How to Write Headlines That Get You Proven Results

  1. Tony Lee says:

    That tool is so helpful! I use it myself, When thinking about whats going to get the audience or a visitor to click on the title of your new blog post or link, A great way is to help answer a common question! I find it very helpful when looking through blogs and I see an interesting blog title that solves a problem for me or whatever niche I am researching! What about you? I think that it makes things way easier if you are in the right state of mind! Just keep thinking about “how you can help solve a problem!” thats what always makes things simple for me!

    • Ron says:

      Someone once told me that solving others problems is a simple way to succeed, so thats what I seem to be good at, so I try to put myself in the other persons shoes and help them solve their problems…

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