How To Get EVERYTHING You Want

I believe in the motto, the harder you work…the luckier you get…

This is my motto in life…which is why I despise this whole “entitlement” mentality b.s., that some people are more fortunate than others…NONSENSE!

Anyways, this is not the topic of today’s post, but it did make me think about getting the things you want you want… and why so many people are stuck, IN SPITE OF doing the things they’re supposed to do.

You know…reading the books, writing down goals, visualizing, and yes, taking action is important.

It’s something I think everyone struggles with at one time or another… I know I did, until I finally realized what the problem is. And it’s really pretty simple, yet I find that’s it’s one of the hardest things to discipline yourself to do.

And if you’ll be completely honest with yourself, you’ll agree that it takes an enormous amount of mental discipline to stay on track… ESPECIALLY when things are not going all that well.

What is it?

It’s focusing ONLY on what you want… and NOT thinking about the things you don’t want.

The first part is easy.

You want a new car, home, more money, bigger team…so you paint mental images, thinking about those things.

We all know that.

And if you don’t…well now you do…

But it’s the 2nd part that gets almost everyone…at least for some time. It’s the little voice whispering fear, doubt, & worry into your ear.

You say… “I want to make a $100,000 a year”…but then the little voice starts coming up with all the reasons why you can’t or won’t.

You want to be a better leader…but then you start thinking – “what if no one listens to me or believes me?”

You create an a new ad or a marketing campaign…and instantly start doubting – “what if it doesn’t work AGAIN?”

I know I’m not the only one that has these thoughts…we all do.

Problem is, as I’ve discovered long ago that these thoughts fuel your beliefswhich are like little programs running in the background DICTATING ultimately what ends up happening.

Bottom line is… you attract what you think about…

And when you think about the things you DON’T want… guess what? You’re thinking about them and you’re attracting them to you.

I believe THAT is what’s standing in the way between your and your goals. When you can eliminate fear, doubt, & worry… you CAN have everything you want.

I know this all common sense and chances are you’ve heard it before…but as is with everything… are you actually doing this?

One of the worst two words you can say in the English language (or any language for that matter)… after I CAN’T is… I KNOW.

I let it be known at at early age that my daughter cannot use the phrase “I CAN’T” in our house. In fact, over this summer she had to do an English assignment before starting school and just today I was telling her that she needs to do 20 pages per day in her book so she can get this done before school starts. She tried to convince me that she could only do 17 pages per day, I laughed and said “Really…17 huh?”. “So are you telling me that its physically impossible to do just 3 more pages per day for 3 more days”. After a few minutes, she conceded…

Focus on the work, not the outcome…and just trust yourself…

Train yourself to think about what YOU want and NOT about what you don’t want.

See, it turns out that you can only hold ONE thought a time, so when you REPLACE the negative thought with a positive one, you instantly change your focus.

And when you change your focus, you change how you feel and that’s when the magic happens.


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