How To Get People Addicted To You…

This is one of the BIG, BIG secrets of success in business.

It can be used to completely manipulate people (which I hope you won’t do), OR it can be used to influence them in a good way and help you become a better leader.

One of the most incredible things network marketing companies and their leaders do… and something you definitely want to apply in your business is…

… create an environment where people want to hang around.

This is CRUCIAL, and not just in MLM but in any business.

Most people are pretty miserable.

Just look around when you go shopping, out somewhere, or driving during in traffic… observe people.

And you’ll see most of them go through life just by going through the motions.

There’s no excitement in most of these people’s lives.

They don’t usually get excited about showing up for work, they got bills on their mind, stress over work, family stuff, etc…

Yet, there’s one thing EVERY SINGLE PERSON CRAVES on the inside

and that’s for someone to come along and make them feel good, make them feel special.

It’s a natural tendency for us to crave appreciation.

It’s part of our DNA code.

We love praise and recognition.

And as children we get it quiet often, but as we enter adulthood, all that suddenly disappears.

There are no high fives, rarely someone pats us on our back or tells us we’ve done a good job.

If you got a job, most likely your manager or supervisor isn’t the most positive person in the world.

There are exceptions, but that’s all they are.

Want to attract and retain more people in your business… or more clients and customers?
It’s simple… recognize, praise and make them feel good, make them feel important.

Nothing is worst for the business than to have good clients and completely ignore them, and show no appreciation.

You want to create a place, even if it’s virtual, where people know they can get away from the daily grind and for the first time since they were in the little league, feel like someone appreciates them.

When people go to events and meetings, shortly after they pretty much forget the content, but they will always “remember” how they FELT at the time.

Because it’s stored in the subconscious mind, and feelings are very, very strong.

Feelings and emotions dictate pretty much everything in our life. (This is a SUPER IMPORTANT KEY)

If you’re a technical person, like an engineer, it may not seem obvious to you, because you’re used to thinking logically about everything in your life.

But the reality is, this logic also rests on emotions and feelings that are driving it.

It’s been scientifically proven that EVERY decision we make… not some, but EVERY SINGLE DECISION is based on emotion.

Emotion always comes first, and the logic kicks in later.

Which is why if you want to attract and retain lots of people… you must create an environment of success and positive expectations in your business, because that’s what people want.

Most people don’t make a dime in our business in the beginning.

Not because it’s not possible, they just haven’t improved enough yet, gained enough skill to do what’s necessary to make money right out of the gate.

Some do, but that’s an exception.

Most people don’t, and “LOGICALLY” there’s no reason for them to hang around, unless you can create light up their emotions, where they WANT to be around you and your company.

And you do it with creating this “right kind” of environment. And it starts from the moment you meet them or talk to them or even when they come to your site or get that first email.

Impressions just take seconds to form, but last a life time.

So you want to create the best impression you possibly can.

And it’s not done with showing the compensation system, bonuses or how big your company is. I used to do that and I finally accepted the fact that no one cares about this stuff.

The ONLY thing people care about is What’s In It For THEM.

When you can constantly communicate to them about their goals, dreams, how they can achieve them, etc… it’s like they become addicted in a way.

Actually scientifically speaking they do.

For example when our bodies produce hormones like serotonin and endorphins, it elevates our mood, reduces anxiety and makes us feel good.

It’s like getting a natural high, without using drugs.

And you can create the kind of environment in your business that naturally gets people excited and keeps them wanting to come back for more.

Politicians do that, cult leaders do that, and you can do that as well.

And as long as you do it where you’re not trying to manipulate others, but instead help them get what they want, it’s totally ethical and can help you create an explosion in your business.

Here are 3 things to help you do that…

1. Find out about people’s goals and dreams… and always sell them AND re-sell them on it.

2. Always find something to praise them on and make them feel appreciated.

3. Always be optimistic about the future and have positive expectations of them.

There are more things you can do, but these 3 can help you get started and they work like a charm.

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