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Lately I’ve been interested in different ways to get leads with mobile app marketing. Without a doubt, this is the future of online marketing…smart phones and tablets…think about that for a minute, you could run your entire business from your phone or tablet…from anywhere…

As of today, almost 1 in 3 people have a smart phone and the projection is within the next 3-5 years it will be the one device that almost everyone will own, whether its a smart phone or a tablet.

Basically, today’s mobile apps are what websites were 10 years ago…if you don’t have one…you’re losing potential customers.

Whether it’s for email, social networking, search or online shopping, people simply can’t get away from their mobile devices…


Mobile App Marketing to Get Leads

With mobile app marketing you can:

1. Get leads for next to nothing.

2. Easily communicate with those leads, once your app is on their phone you can pretty much be sure they’ll get your message vs. getting caught in their spam filter (email delivery rates are not what they used to be).

3. Build your list easily.


A Few Stats about Mobile Marketing:

21% of US tablet owners user their tablets to shop more than once a week.

88% of people use their mobile phone to check email daily.

75% of people favor mobile-friendly websites.

Mobile internet usage is expected to surpass desktop internet usage by 2014.

86% of mobile users are on their devices while watching television.

Over half of US consumers who have purchased something using a smartphone have done so in response to a marketing message delivered by mobile email.

The average American spends almost 3 hours per day socializing on his/her mobile device.

More than 33% of Facebook users are on Facebook Mobile.


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