Get Proven Results by Selling Benefits and Solutions

Show How That Person Would be CRAZY Not to Buy From You by Selling Benefits and Solutions…


What is it that your customers really buy?

Do they buy products or services or both…neither, they buy for two reasons:

Solutions to their most difficult problems or

Ways to achieve their most important goals

These two components are called “Core Benefits.” These are so important to your customers that they can’t do without them. Once you’ve identified these Core Benefits, marketing your products or services becomes much easier.

For example, if I can offer you a solution that solves your problem and my competition just wants to sell you something, who are you going to do business with? I think the answer is obvious.

sell benefits and solutions

Benefits are the meat of all advertising copy. What crucial problems can you solve for your customer? How can your product make them feel recognized, special, or appreciated? What exactly you can do to make their lives easier, better, or more enjoyable.

The most compelling benefits are the ones you’ll want to spotlight in your sales copy. What sells products and services?

  • Things that save time or money
  • Avoids or solves a problem
  • Makes your life easier
  • Achieves a goal.


What’s the Difference between Benefits and Features?

A feature is something the product does, while a benefit is something it does for you:

  • A FEATURE is one of the components or functions of your product or service. For example, if your mouthwash glows-in-the-dark, that’s a feature — not a benefit.
  • A BENEFIT is something your product or service will do for your buyer to somehow offer a solution to a problem. So if your mouthwash that glows-in-the-dark makes your kids want to use it daily, then you’ve got yourself a benefit!


The most important rule of copy-writing is to emphasize benefits…

Benefits are the emotional trigger that makes people buy…

When writing your article or copy, keep in mind that benefits are directly related to features. List your features first, then go through the list and identify the corresponding benefits.

To be continued…


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