Testing Your Limits

¬†We all seem to have self-imposed limits…sometimes its easier to release the brakes rather than pushing forward…


1. When faced with any challenge, do you usually see to the possibilities first or the limitations first?

2. Do you ever stop before you get started, because you think you’re not up to it?

3. Do you believe that telling yourself that you’re incredible, and that you can do anything that’s possible, is the truth, or do you think it’s bragging or being boastful?

4. Do you decide for yourself what your limits are, or do you listen to the limitations given to you by other people’s opinions?



5. Do you believe, in your heart, that you were born to be average or born to be exceptional?

6. If you did not accept any of the false limitations that you believe about your self now, what is one thing you would like to do or accomplish, that you’re not doing now?

7. Do you see yourself, overall, as limited, or as unlimited?

8. If you could take away one limitation that you have believed about yourself in the past, what would it be?

9. What is the one or two word answer you would give yourself when you ask yourself the question, How far can I go?

10. What is one thing you could do, beginning now, to get rid of your self-imposed limitations and fly higher, and go further, than you’ve ever let yourself go before.


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