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What is Content?

Content is defined as any type of media that exists on the Internet that has a home on a website, blog, etc. (a URL). It could be an article, a video, an audio, or a presentation of some type. If it has a home (a URL that can be viewed), that content can (and should) be syndicated.


Why Syndicate?

Content Syndication is the single most powerful element in social media. This will create higher search engine visibility and rankings with multiple social media sites, all pointing to your original content, e.g. a blog post or web page. The content being syndicated creates backlinks to your site. The more content you can syndicate, the more traffic will be driven back to your website or blog…which will create higher rankings in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.


Social Media

Content syndication will boost your visibility within social circles; it gives your content a platform to stand on, so the masses will stand up and take notice! Creating good content allows you to differentiate yourself from all the garbage and helps create your brand. Your readers will then become engaged, comment and share your content. This creates some dialogue and builds rapport; they become a prospect, then a customer.

A few weeks ago I watched a webinar that showed me how easy it is to automatically syndicate my content to almost every social media site! Even though you can sign up for free, the real benefits come from stepping up a notch to the paid services. This allows you to use the automated features, including submitting and sharing content. When I did this, I really started to see results, because others are auto-syndicating my content. Within minutes of posting a new article to my blog, it was being syndicated to hundreds of social sites.


What is TribePro?

TribePro is a relatively new content syndication platform. TribePro allows you to follow and be followed by other tribe members, similar to the “Like” button on Facebook. TribePro automates the content sharing process and allows your content to also be shared by fellow marketers. You share their content and they share yours…simple, yet extremely effective.


To make TribePro work, you have to practice the unwritten law of  “giving before receiving”. In other words, if you want people to share your content with their networks, you have to share their content first. The more people you connect with and share content, the more people will share yours. There’s no way around this, because the system won’t allow you to post your own content without sharing other people’s first.


Syndication on Steroids

I’ve connected with several TribePro members whose content I like and found to be valuable. I set up my TribePro account to auto-share their content using OnlyWire (a benefit of the paid service) and asked them to do the same for me. I currently have several people auto-syndicating my content and vice-versa (OnlyWire is a separate content sharing service that does not require TribePro).

Here’s how it works…you post an article or video to your blog. The OnlyWire plugin on your blog can automatically submit your content to over 40 sites of your choice or you can tell OnlyWire to pick up your RSS feed from your site. TribePro then checks your blog daily for new content and places it on your TribePro page for others to syndicate or auto-syndicate to all of their social media sites and the snowball effect begins. If you choose your keywords properly, it’s possible to get on the first page of Google in less than 48 hours. This is how many of the top Internet marketers are able to have their blog posts or videos spread over the Internet like a wildfire. It’s called automated leverage!

TribePro Options

  • Free Account – If you open a free account, you’ll be able to join other people’s tribes and share other people’s content that you like. Once you have 15 share points, you can post your own content.
  • Plus Membership – You can post content once you’ve built up 10 share points. This level allows you to use the auto-submit and auto-syndicate features. You’ll also have access to the YouTube and blog commenting features. Simply put, it will save you loads of time and put this process on auto-pilot!
  • Pro Membership – You get all the benefits of Plus Membership and you can also create your own tribe, which is great for personal branding. You can also integrate your auto-responder, when people join your tribe; they’re on your mailing list.


Should You Join TribePro?

If you’re serious about driving more traffic to your website, generating more leads and creating more sales (who isn’t), then TribePro is for you. It’s simple to start and you can begin sharing other people’s content almost immediately. Before you know it, you’ll start getting your content ranked higher in search engines which will drive tons more traffic to your site. They also have an affiliate program, and by becoming one, you can get the service to pay for itself many times over. I hope this TribePro review has been helpful; it certainly has increased my rankings in several search engines. There are other content syndication services out there; I believe this is the one of the best as of this writing.


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3 Replies to TribePro Review

  1. Tony Lee says:

    I heard about some places like this! That help you share your content and even create content for you! That sounds really interesting and seems like you can go pretty far with it if you know the right people. Is there a few you have to pay to sign up and get started? I thought there was Im not sure though, If its going to create content then its not the worst idea to help with your websites or blogs! This is also a great way to get some nice social marketing skills and everything! Something I must look into!

    • Ron says:

      tribepro is a great platform for social sharing of content, everyone shares each others content, you can fully automate this service for maximum results.

    • Ron says:

      Tribepro is a great place to get your content to the masses in a very short time…

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