The Truth about Network Marketing Revealed

Its a proven fact that only 3% of network marketers will make enough money to support themselves, most never make more than a few hundred dollars. That means that 97% of network marketers will FAIL!

It’s another fact that roughly 80% of new businesses will FAIL in the first 3 years!

Knowing this, your primary business should be selling network marketing tools to the 97%…they are hungry and want to buy products to be in the 3%. You can easily do this while building your network marketing business.

When the gold rush at Sutter’s Mill exploded in 1849, over 300,00 people flocked to California all looking to strike it rich…most never did, and went home empty handed. I would rather have been the guy selling the picks, shovels and gold mining tools…they made a killing. So, what’s the moral of this story, sell the tools while prospecting…because 97% of your prospects need these tools.

I realized this a few years ago…I realized that I was not the rah-rah network marketing type of person, and I had to face the facts…do what I do best…sell the picks, shovels, and tools to the hungry prospectors (network marketers)…

To be successful as a network marketer you really need to have a certain type of personality, i.e., the “promoter” or the “nurturing” type seem to do the best. It’s been proven that these personality types are the most successful network marketers, they love the spotlight and the second type loves to help people. I highly encourage you to figure out what your personality type is. You can read more about personality types by clicking here.

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